Greg Wong

Greg Wong

Head of Product Design ✨ in Brooklyn

Looking to grow my team with a Product Designer. Learn about the mission-driven work we're building at n2y and how to apply.

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NYC Design Leader building product experiences and strategic brand growth

As a Design Lead with 10+ years of expertise across eCommerce, fintech, hospitality, and healthcare, I build new futures for digital products and consumer ventures.

Today I'm leading product design at n2y and serving the education technology needs of special needs classrooms. I also advise other organizations with design recruiting and UX growth strategies.

Lately, I've been exploring the frontiers of AI productivity and tooling. I'm eager to shape the future of technology and culture.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

n2y creates and delivers educational materials and curriculum for the special education classroom. Our mission-driven org creates tools and learning content delivered using web apps to teachers, students, and parents.

2017 — Now
Design Principal (UX + Brand Experience) at Gimongo LLC
New York

• Lead user-centered design initiatives (UX / UI) from research to execution
• Manage and coach creative teams to build team culture and agile workflow optimization
• Craft new Figma design systems for enterprise and consumer commerce and community products
• Lead foundational brand identity and consumer reach strategy
• Guide early stage companies on their design team recruiting processes, including sourcing talent

2022 — 2023

• Leading design for Core Functionality – improving foundational workflows and delighters for a next-gen payments platform (much like Venmo for business accounting teams).
• Now building new vendor management functionality – from user research to delivery.

2021 — 2022
New York

• Improved consumer experience for the world's fastest global eCommerce checkout
• Researched user needs to effectively improve global localization and logistics
• Revamped design system to meet display complexity and SMB merchant needs

2020 — 2021
New York

• Designed a next-gen fintech wealth management platform
• Established the "Trolley" Figma design system
• Led sourcing and recruiting of product designers

2019 — 2020
New York

• Crafted consumer and enterprise eCommerce products, led user research, and fostered a new team design culture

2018 — 2019
New York

• Created member experiences with behavioral economics principles to create enterprise savings ($2.5+ million at scale)

2014 — 2017
New York

• Led teams, digital innovation, and started a digital trends podcast

Side Projects


New brand identity for a community health care provider


2022 — Now

Helping a global community of designers with career guidance and maximizing individual value

2020 — Now

Judging for "The Internet's highest honor” – produced by IADAS

2007 — 2016
New York

Produced fundraisers and brand campaigns to help survivors of sex-trafficking in NYC



Design Management #ODD2

Berkeley, California

Media Studies + Business Administration

Pasadena, California

Graphic Design + Designmatters




n2y (edtech)